The C300 has a sporty appearance and plays very comfortably due to the soft core of black EVA and an extra rough finished top layer for more spin.
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Because of the unique distribution and the size of the holes you experience an ultimate balance in the racket. The revolutionary width of 32 mm provides a lighter base, allowing more top layers to be applied. These layers are finished with an extra rough material for more spin on the ball. The special fiberglass construction provides flexibility and power in the racket. This combination of materials makes the C300 comfortable and extra easy to play.


• Racket shape: Diamond
• Material: Fiberglass and a core of Black EVA
• Player level: Recreational / competitive
• Weight: 330 - 350 grams
• Thickness: 32 mm
• Length: 45 cm
• Width: 25 cm



2 reviews

5 stars based on 2 reviews

06 Aug 2020
Nog niet zo ervaren in padel, maar wat een verbetering tov mijn eerste racket. Het ruwe vlak zorgt echt voor meer effect. Het lichte gewicht en de geringe dikte zijn helemaal zoals ik het wil.
20 May 2020
Super fijn racket, mooi afgewerkt met een ruwe laag. Zeker lekker om slice op je service te slaan.