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The C500 has a beautiful appearance and plays very comfortably due to the combination of the unique hole pattern, good balance and weight.
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The Adjusted EVA gives a soft feeling with impact. The combination of the unique distribution and the size of the holes ensure an optimal balance in the racket. Due to the light weight, the racket is very manoeuvrable and therefore plays extremely comfortably. 


• Racket shape: Diamond
• Material: fiberglass and a soft core of Black EVA
• Player level: Competitive/ advanced
• Weight: 330 - 350 grams
• Thickness: 32 mm
• Length: 45 cm
• Width: 25 cm

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24 Jul 2020
Brian via Bol.com
Fijn racket, ligt lekker in de hand met de Hesacore grip, goede gewichtsverdeling en lekker ruw oppervlak voor geplaatste slice ballen