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Pure32, True Padel

We are a Dutch brand, started out of passion for the game. Our innovative team has more than 25 years of experience in making products in various racket sports.

We believe in rackets that are tested and made for and by padel players.


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Get more out of your game with the revolutionary 32mm wide rackets. A lighter base of the racket ensures that we can apply more top layers. These layers are finished with an extra rough material for more spin on the ball. The slimness of the racket ensures the ultimate reaction speed during the match.

The rackets are made from top quality graphite and / or fiberglass for extra stiffness, power and control. Our rackets have a clean design and give an immediate feeling of impact.

Pure32 rackets are tailored to the technical skill of every player, from the novice to the experienced padel enthusiast.



Lift the rally to a higher level! Get the best out of yourself and your team with Pure32.



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